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New releases in GMS – May 2018

    1. New Refund waiver feature

    New “Refund Waiver”:
    When the Balance (after FFR or Audit completion) is lesser than $75, FCS Finance/UNDP will have the possibility to process a refund waiver, which will skip the “IP/HFU Refund processing stage” in the refund workflow.

    Note: button will be visible only to FCS Finance /UNDP users, if Balance is lesser than $75 (this value is configurable).

    2. New fields in Audit report Module

    New fields displaying “other income”:
    Actual Income Reported by IP: displays the values for “other income”, as reported by IP in the Final Financial Report.
    Total Eligible Income: allows the user to report on the eligible income amount, as provided in the audit report document.

    Updated balance due formula:
    The balance due formula has been updated, as follows, in order to reflect the inclusion of the other income:
    Balance Due = (Total Eligible Expenditure – Total Eligible Income)- Amount Disbursed to IP + (Refund Amount Received)

    3. Partner Risk Dashboard update

    Updated Partner Risk and Performance Index visual display:
    The Partner Risk and Performance Index legends now show the scores’ range for each category. In addition, the coloring of some categories has been updated. In this regard, categories 3-4 and 5-6 of Performance Index have been assigned separate colors.

    Note: the scores themselves have not been changed, only the visual display has been updated.

    4. Tasks Overview search update


    New Fields:
    Partner Project Risk: Partner Risk at the time of the project approval (budget approval stage), for the specific project (as displayed in the timelines);
    Partner Risk: Partner Risk at the time of the search.

    5. New Partner Risk and CA user control

    Partner Risk and CA Risk will now be visible to HFU and FCS Finance users on the Financial Report (Financial report, Signed Financial Report tabs) and Disbursement pages. This will help FCS Finance /UNDP/HFU STOP the disbursement processing in case CA risk changes to “Ineligible”
    user control

    Note: the section will not be visible to Implementing Partners.

    6. Narrative report analysis update

    New filter option:
    A new filter feature has been added to the Narrative Report analysis module, which now allows the user to generate the output based on the projects’ implementation date.
    Similarly, two new columns with implementation start and end date were introduced into the new Narrative Report analysis excel output.

    7. Country Funding Process (Revision) update


    New Fields:
    Revision Request Submitted by IP:
    date of the partner’s latest revision request submission
    Revision Request Approved by HFU: date of approval of the revision request